Splash in

We provide a full progressive aquatic pathway for learners of all ages to progress to a proficient swimmer. Proper technique and safety are the vital points to survival in water. With proper and right stroke, you will be able to swim with confident and enjoy swimming with different water sports.

We build on knowledge and skill development at different level and reward achievement through a range of exciting awards and certificates.

We are flexible with our program and able to customize to different level of learners.

Currently we are giving out Swimming Teacher Association (STA) certificate.

Distance series certificate from 5 meters to 5000 meters.

Dolphin series 1 and series 2

About LiquidXcape Splash Coach

Ryan is an experience swimmer.

He participated in various triathlon races, with his open water and pool experience he will be able to impart different swimming technique and skill for different students.

He is also an advanced scuba diver.

Interested parties feel free to contact him at 9027 7029 or ryan.liquidxcape@gmail.com for further enquires.