Way of life in LiquidXcape……..Milestones

LiquidXcape believes that a healthy mind and a balanced lifestyle are keys to happiness and fulfilments. We need to be reminded from time to time that there is a lot more to life than work, and building bigger barns.

LiquidXcape is a platform that can help you build that balance and we live by the activities we promote and we are confident that we can quench the thirst of a seasoned sports traveller or a newcomer alike. We promise something for everyone.

Extreme sports such as wakeboarding, cable ski and scuba diving are heart of LiquidXcape. Do not be afraid if you have never try wakeboarding or diving. At LiquidXcape, we have friendly and experienced members that will guide you and make your learning experience both comfortable and enjoyable.

If extreme sports is not quite your cuppa, there is one easy, sure can do sport – Running. Running is a low cost activity, and is a great cardiovascular activity. Running as a group has its benefits where teammates encourage each other to push our limits. Support builds up camaraderie and friendship, and friendship makes us run, and run some more.

If local activities can’t fill your craving, explore the cable ski in Batam, scuba diving in Phuket or even run a marathon in Hong Kong or Berlin with us. If there is something you would like to do, but can’t find it here, drop us a note. We are game for new experiences too.

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